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The Beech Leaf 1935 2018.  Magazine of South Bucks CTC District Association.

The magazine first appeared in duplicated paper format of 7 pages in February 1935
as The South Bucks Bulletin, under the editorship of Harry Tilley and costing 2d per issue.
Its original objective was to enable the scattered membership to receive information via the
rides list for future events, and also to record the most recent activities of the "Sections",
    Over the years, production techniques gradually advanced with technology,
allowing maps, photographs and eventally a colour laser-printed version.
From January 2008 the option of an electronic version was also made
available to readers in pdf format.
The final monthly issue, number 1,005, was in December 2018 after 83 years publication.
Communication between groups and members in this electronic digital age is now made using
the latest technologies.
For anyone interested in the early activities of the South Bucks, bound copies of every
Beech Leaf are held in the South Bucks map library and are available for members to borrow.
(enquiries: e-mail )