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Cycling with CTC South Bucks – Where do I begin?.
So you have found our web page –
you must be just a bit interested in cycling.
Now where can I go from here?
Are the South Bucks all great athletes?
Will I look stupid on my old bike?

You must have lots of questions if you are new to cycling.                       
We welcome all cyclists who want to have a go at our      
chosen pastime. We have rides for almost anyone who
can pedal. When you ride in company the miles fly by
and if you’re a bit tired at the end of a ride, it is the
sort of tiredness that gives you a good appetite and a
sound night’s sleep.
First look at our website and details of our four subsidiaries.    
Aylesbury, Chiltern Hills and Thames Valley are roughly based
on areas, but you could try any of them. The Midweek have four
or five rides to suit all abilities and starting in many different
places, whilst Thames Valley have a Wednesday ride as well.
View our rides lists for a ride appeals to you, then contact that
subsidiary's secretary for advice on distance and difficulty.
Alternatively, just turn up a few minutes before the start.
Are you worried about what to wear or the type of bike you ride?
Wear what you find comfortable, carry a waterproof in your bag if it looks like rain.
If your bike is mechanically sound, it will do to start with. Most of us have graduated
to a better machine eventually as we have realised how much we enjoy cycling.

Above all, please get in touch and give club riding a try!
You don't have to be a member of the CTC to start with. After a few rides, if you
want to continue riding with us then you will need to join.
For new members that have already joined...
We now have guidelines incorporating speeds for the midweek group
New Member Guidelines click here.